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Save the Date

Our organization started as a group of friends planning to throw a fancy party and soon we realized that as a group, we could achieve something much greater. From that initiative spawned the idea to fundraise for a relatable, local charity that we respect. With that, Save the Date was born.
We hope to make our community a better place and what better way than to give back? As youths and into adulthood, we struggled and watched others struggle with many circumstances for which there was just not enough help. Now we have the skills, abilities, and personal connections required to actually make a difference. We will put our resources to work supporting organizations which have the expertise and knowledge to make real, meaningful changes where it really matters.
With this inspiration, we strive to help those in need. To be a driving force in the community. To do our part in improving the quality of life for those who can’t speak loud enough to be heard. To support the tireless and thankless efforts of those out there doing the hard work of making a real difference. We invite you to join us and see how change begins. We are Save the Date.

Save the Date 2019
A non-wedding in support of Thrive

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